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Great little animation! Still haven't had a single thing front paged yet, but I always dream of the day where it will finally happen.

Buster98 responds:

You've got this!

Nice little animation. The character animation did repeat a little too much and I never knew what the guitar strums were synced to, but what's there is still really good and I like the music.

I wasn't expecting a video like this, but it gave me a big-ol' smile on my face the whole way through.

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Fun game. Not much to complain about apart from the disappearing platforms taking a tad too long to re-appear, and not being able to jump after getting hit which made me fall down pits or get hit by the enemy again.

As of writing Ruffle makes this game nearly unplayable, as it doesn't show most platforms you need to jump on...I still managed to beat the game though.

Ruffle problems aside, it's fun! A little jankyer than I remembered, but it's still a nice blast from my childhood.

Fun game! Though, I think my computer is a tad too slow to run it properly, it feels like running a game at PAL speeds with how slow everything goes. If you can optimize it I'd appreciate it, but it's not a priority.

If I can still enjoy this game in slow-mo, then you know you've done a good game.

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The audio starts falling apart by the 1 hour mark, and gets worse by the 1:30:00 mark. apart from that the episode was nice.

VoicesByCorey responds:

We noticed this issue and we're working on fixing it

As someone who's also new to the Newgrounds community...kinda*. This sort of stuff is good to know about. For me I've been desperately trying to get attention on Twitter, but like you've mentioned: it's freaking impossible when you're just starting-out. I've been posting art on twitter everyday since February, and even that's not enough.
*(I always knew about the website when I was younger, but I thought it died-out with Flash when I was older)

Now I don't have plans for any sort of contests, but I'm glad to hear that I can just ask the community and even Tom Fulp for advice and whatnot to get it going smoothly.

As for the Streamers guy (sorry, forgot his name). I have one bit of advice: don't just call your project "Streamers" 'cause that's going to be a Google search nightmare. Though, you've also accidentally solved that problem with your Patreon name: "Streamers' Universe". Changing your project name to that will make it much easier to search for 'cause it's more specific.

Streamers responds:

Ay I'm glad you got as much out of this as I did!
Lool I'm with ya - I'm hyper aware of the poor searchability of "Streamers" ( 'Streamers Universe' does well but... hindsight 20/20). I'm considering changing it but I'd like to wait and see how the Animation War plays out. If people are drawn to the concept and stick around after to help grow the project, then community input will certainly impact the decision. I still think that the overall concept and our original goals with the first season are well encapsulated by the name but you're correct, SEM/SEO needs to be considered and there are more creative options out there for sure.

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Out of all the Gris swimsuit drawing I've seen this one has the best looking transparent plastic material (or whatever that transparent material is).

Great job!

Your perspective is excellent already, but if need ideas on how to improve: use a camera, do the pose yourself, and place a couple lines on the floor to help with angles and perspectives.

You don't need much to make these lines on the floor either, I just use a yoga mat, but something like string, tape, or even some measuring tape will do the trick.

sinnykitt responds:

Ahaha thank you so much! There are handy apps like magic poser that can do all the work for you tho X)

Your artwork made me discover a part of Newgrounds I didn't know existed, and immediately fell in love with it.

Aramisp responds:

that's what this is all about!! i'm really happy you found out about bunny kill, it's really close to my heart

I draw things, mostly hands when I'm bored. I'm still a beginner, but I'm quick to learn and adapt. Currently doing a year-long challenge.

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