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Just a fun little animation that feels like it came-out in the 2000s.

First time seeing a Piconjo video, and I've got to say...it caught me off guard, but in the best way possible.

The animation may be minimal, but the story more than makes up for it. My god, I was laughing the whole way through.

Reminds me of a paddle-boat story of my own: We have this paddle-boat we used all the time at our cottage, and we knew that the seal on it was all worn-down so it would constantly fill-up with water overtime, but we used it anyway for fun.

We never got the paddle-boat to sink, it would just get filled to the brim with water, but you could still "use" it. It was to the point where we'd purposefully try to sink the damn thing multiple times by jumping on it and flipping it over, but the thing would still float to the top (well more like near the top). We still have it at our cottage, and we still didn't fix it. Though, we'll either throw it out, or finally replace the seal on it.

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A masterpiece in design and control! The game is so elegant, it practically plays itself.

Gonna have to deduct a point because there was no jumscares in this game.

SomeApe responds:


I love the Console and even the GBA port of this game, but this version feels a little too chaotic. The furthest I got was past the first mini-boss.

Plus, why is jump and shoot inverted? Normally on keyboard the leftmost button (A or Z) is jump, and the one next to it (S or X) is shoot. I makes playing this game way too confusing at times.

I still like the games, but this first one is rough.

As for Ruffle compatibility on Linux as of writing: Everything works flawlessly, but on older machines the backgrounds don't load and there's a bit of input lag. Though, this seems to be a normal issue for Ruffle when it comes to older hardware, but it's not a big deal because why the hell would you be running Ruffle on a 2000s PC with a Core2Duo anyway...

...OK I would, but I'm not normal.

Edit: Someone pointed-out that there's only one stage in the game, so I tweaked the line that said I couldn't get past the first stage.

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Simple, short, and sweet. My only gripe is that it doesn't loop.

But that doesn't matter because this is ancient.

This really sounds like something you'd hear in a PS1/Saturn platformer or RPG. Well done!

When I clicked on this after listening to it I thought for sure this was made for a game. I'm surprised there isn't one!

Hope someone uses your work, because it really feels like something you'd hear in a game.

Iviqrr responds:

I grew up on ps1 games so that is very flattering

Didn't expect the song to get this many listens honestly, I feel there was still some room for improvement on it, but I eventually hit a wall and none of the changes I was making were adding to the song.

Thanks for listening and for the kind words. ^^

This reminds me of the Scott Pilgrim game.

RunRunJumpPunch responds:

haha we love the soundtrack!

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Really like the colours and the shading you did on the character.

Been using Krita for I feel like close to a year now. So far my only gripes with are is that most of the default brushes kinda suck (like why is the flow on most of these brushes cranked to the max?), and some of the tools kinda struggle when you have a huge canvas.

Haven't used any other art program (GIMP, Pencil2D, MSPaint, and Paint.Net don't count), so I can't really compare to anything.

I really like what I'm seeing...but what the heck am I looking at?

*0 damage taken*

...well this is awkward, my thick skin deflected it.

An artist by night, asleep by day, and occasionally a computer nerd.

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