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[Gonna put this up here instead out of curiosity. Let me know if this is better or worse]

It's that time of year again, and unfortunately just like last year I might not be able to participate in the festivities because I'm participating in the Sketch Collab this year again. I'll try giving it a shot at the very least because this year's animation is a lot simpler to animate compared to the one I made last year which was a cruel joke at my own expense.

[the animation in question]

At least it got front paged, so it was still worth something in the end.

~~Old Artwork Showcase~~

Very old drawing I did while I was still challenging myself to do a drawing every day for a year straight. It's not my proudest work, but it's the only Halloween drawing I've made so far.

~~>Last month

Lots of computery nonsense. Though, not as much as I had planned. But before I get into that, here's the only non-computery thing I did last month: I did this little drawing where I went nuts with Inkscape

Only problem is that the day I posted it (which were these character's birthday) was on Madness Day. What a terrible coincidence, so here it is if you missed it.

To keep the techno-jargon brief because I know everyone here aren't as big of a nerd as I am. Last month I:

>Tried making a simple calendar app on my junk Linux phone, only to stop halfway when I realized how much work needed to be done with the graphics

>Played around with NixOS as a way to prepare for my rig update next year

>Studied how to set up a Windows server for some family member's business, and Windows kept fighting back over the stupidest things

>Tried modding my headphones to have a removable cable because the old one was on its last legs, but that only made things worse so I bought new headphones that included a removable cable instead. (gonna have to go to someone with better soldering skills than me to mod these old ones)

>I hacked a brand new Wii because the old one I had as a kid no longer wanted to play Wii games (both through a disk and through hacking it which is very strange).

Still did a lot, but the few things I haven't gotten to will have to be pushed to January.

~~>This Month's Plans

So...many...projects... ( ._.)

Granted most of these will probably happen around November/December instead, but still, the pressure is on to the max in these last few months.

For this month I'll mostly focus on the Sketch Collab animation, but in general there's like 6 really important projects that need to be done before the end of the year. Most of them Christmas themed, and I'll hop to them as soon as I'm done with the Sketch Collab which I'm partially hoping I don't finish late November like last year. No promises though.

That's all I have for this month. Hope I make it out alive next year.

See you next month...I think

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